A Saturday Post!

I only bring the day to your attention because it’s kind of rare for me to post on the weekends, though I think that’s probably changed for the better now.

What I love most about my weekends is that for the first time all week I get to wake up on MY terms and not according to some obnoxious alarm blaring at me. I think I slept in all the way to about 8am today! Pretty late for me. I made my girlfriend and me some delicious, freshly ground, Kaldi’s coffee, with warmed milk mixed with brown sugar. It was quite good if I do say so myself. Saturdays are also good for lounging on the sofa watching college football. I’m not a die hard fan, but it’s a nice way to just check out of my brain for a while and relax.

Saturdays are also usually a day I make a trip to the library. Picked us up a few books, some new music to try-before-I-buy, and then dropped off some clothes in a donation box. Pleasurable AND productive. On Saturday. Gotta love that. I’m sitting here right now listening to a new (I think) Van Halen cd, “A Different Kind of Truth.” Must say, I’m not loving it, but it’s got a classic VH feel, so if you’re into that you might want to give it a listen. China Town is my favorite track so far:


As far as the rest of my day, aside from quality time with my girlfriend, some possible family commitments, and attending to my NaNo responsibility enjoyment, it’s pretty open. Wait, that’s a lot of stuff, probably filling up the day. Okay, well, I hope your Saturday is a good one too.


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