National Blog Posting Month!

I was reminded by the awesome Studio30Plus (via their Facebook page) that November, aside from being some other crazy writers event month (more on that in another post,) is also National Blog Posting Month!


30 posts in 30 days. Really, what else do I have to do? No excuses. Get it done. Because it’s fun and because I can. No really, I can. What? You don’t believe me? You say there’s no way I can write a novel, work, have a personal life, be a dad, help coordinate the Studio Features, post on my blog every day in November AND have like, three or four Thanksgivings due to friends and a multi-faceted family?

To you doubters I say, “watch me.” Rawr.


12 thoughts on “National Blog Posting Month!

  1. I KNOW you can, Sean, if you set your mind to it! Don’t know if I have the perseverance to do it, but I’ll certainly cheer you on! (Could it be anything as long as it’s one post per day? As if I need another daily commitment, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?) I look forward to your NaNoBloPos!

    • Thanks, Sandra, I don’t think there’s a rule about the blog posts, just personal pride and potential ridicule from your readers if we can tell you mailed it in 😉

      • You see how clueless I am here? I even got the name wrong. NaBloPoMo. I am very tempted, as of now, to join… What do you mean by “mailed it in”? Pardon my ignorance… (eek)

      • Just teasing- was suggesting your readers might know you weren’t giving it your best effort if your blog posts each day were something like, “One,” “Two,” “Three,” etc lol

  2. I know you can do it. But since I just declared I am crazy on my blog today, I am not sure I am able to give good advice. I have two Thanksgivings, both at my house, so we can commiserate over our writing challenge during a holiday time together!

    • It’s fun to see so many of us accepting the many challenges November is presenting us this year. The NaNo/NaBlo experience is a new one for me. We got this!

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