100 Word Song – Faded

This weeks 100 Word Song is “Faded” by Ben Harper. It inspired the following passage. Some of you may be familiar with the setting, which you can read about in Watch Where You’re Going! As always, be sure to stop by My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog for more 100 Word goodness and all of Lance’s wonderful writing.

Without further warning, several things happened at once:

Max dove painfully to his left, seeking the shelter of a derelict newspaper stand.

Passersby yelled out, “Oh my God, he’s got a gun!” and began fleeing from Lucky’s storefront.

A shotgun muzzle flared, its blast ringing out. The tall, barrel chested man firing it grimaced at the recoil.

Where Max had fallen, the bag of sandwiches exploded in a mist of salami, bread and mustard.

Rain erupted from the sky, falling instantly in sheets, dropping visibility to almost zero,

and the barrel chested man stalked away, fading into the stormy afternoon.

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