What’s that sound?

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Laughter can be the magical, musical sounds your kids make while playing at the park, carried by the breeze to your ears, confirming that everyone is having a good time, safe and happy.

Laughter can also be the sound of enjoyment as someone is reading, chuckling to themselves over a funny passage, or even the loud guffaws you might hear in a crowded theater while watching the latest comedy.

Laughter can also be muffled, derisive sounds from the group of cool kids when the nerd trips and falls, spilling a backpack full of books, or dropping a tray of food in the lunchroom.

Laughter could even be maniacal, creepy, aggressive, bursts of crazy coming from the madman or serial killer in the late night horror show on TV.

I’m intrigued by laughter in this regard, in the way a thing can take so many different shapes, have such vastly different meanings, and yet still be that thing. From one of the most beautiful sounds, genuine and heartfelt from a loved one, to one that strikes fear and uncertainty when delivered by an adversary or antagonist, it’s all still laughter.

I feel like I’m laughing a lot more these days, and it’s not necessarily because sometimes I feel like my job is driving me insane. I’m happier now than I’ve been in a really long time and I believe that’s a feeling here to stay. My daughter and I laughed together this morning at the coffee shop and it reminded me of this week’s prompt, and what a truly an uplifting feeling happiness is.

Are you listening for the laughter in your life? It’s there if you are willing to hear it.

10 thoughts on “What’s that sound?

  1. Beautiful post, Sean. And despite the fact that laughter often takes on many different forms, it is the knee-jerk belly laugh that has for me always been the happiest noise in the world. What a wonderful moment you shared with your daughter this morning, and so glad you wrote it down here! Great response to the prompt and hope you are enjoying your weekend 🙂

  2. It is most definitely one of the most beautiful sounds in life. Especially those belly laughs from little ones, as well as the quiet, muted ones from older kids. Thanks for this post reminding us to listen to this wonderful sound–we can always use more of it!

  3. Perfect post about laughter and it’s many forms. Very touchy that the idea originated while with your daughter.

    There is no better sound than heartfelt laughter and no better feeling in the world than the one doing it. Wait, even better yet…two people who care about each other laughing equally as hard at the very same thing. I love that too. Apparently, I can go on and on about this topic!

  4. “Are you listening for the laughter in your life? It’s there if you are willing to hear it.” This is timely advice for me, this week in particular. With a 16-month-old who doesn’t sleep through the night, and a 3 1/2 year old who is learning to push buttons, I sometimes forget to laugh at the funny things they do. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for reading, Christine! Whew, I’m tired just reading about your sleepless nights. We have to try and laugh at ourselves too sometimes, when things are bleary and sleep-deprived 😉

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