The Gateways & Doors of our Lives

This post was written in response to the Weekly Prompt over at Studio30Plus. Be sure to head there and read all the other awesome posts from the community!

As a species, humans are seemingly always on the move. We’re physically going to place to place, going to work, school, the store, or even the park. Rarely do we find anyone who, by choice, stays in the same spot all the time. We are driven to see more, see new things, meet new people, DO new things, and usually we have to step outside of our normal, everyday surroundings to see and do those kids of things. We also do a lot of mental and emotional travelling, up, down, through, and around a myriad of feelings, almost daily. Sometimes that’s enjoyable, sometimes not so much, but it’s part of who we are.

Despite the natural,  locomotive state of our species, we seem to be very adept at putting up barriers to restrict the very movement we take for granted. Walls, doors, fences, gates, roadblocks and traffic signs, stop signs, in our city streets and in our minds. There are doors and places locked to us, keeping us out, or maybe even keeping us in. Some people even live in gated communities or private neighborhoods, where visitors must be buzzed in by a guard or at the front door to the building. I don’t think about any of these things on a daily basis, they just exist. I lock my door behind me when I get home. I go through doors entering my office in the morning and when leaving in the evenings. “Park closes…” says the sign on the gate by the entrance to the city park, so you know you have to be on a certain side of it when the gate is shut. We just do them, ignore them, or take them for granted.  At least I know I do, most of the time.

This prompt made me realize that I’ve gone through some pretty important gateways in my life. Um, being born? You bet! Walking out the door of my high school on that last day before graduating? Definitely! The most important ones to me though, have been the metaphorical ones- becoming a dad, getting married, getting divorced, finding happiness again after a rough stretch. I’ll ALWAYS be happy I’m a dad, but you know what I mean. Things are going on for me right now that are making me happier than I’ve been in a long time. Those are all gateways, in my opinion. There’s a threshold to be crossed, and sometimes it’s closed and you have to make an effort to open them and walk through them. Some of them you’re thrust through, others you choose to make that forward movement.

What we do when we approach these sorts of gateways often serves to define us to some degree. At the very least those moments often shape our future, whether we realize it or not. Do you feel like you cross paths with these kinds of gateways with an open heart and mind, or do you fear them? Do you wish you could go back through some of them and pick Door #2 instead? Is the juxtaposition of my Let’s Make a Deal reference with my serious tone too weird? Just checking to see if you’re still with me 😉

“When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

6 thoughts on “The Gateways & Doors of our Lives

  1. I always try to embrace them with an open mind and heart, but mostly, ’cause I ain’t that deep.

    And I have a strict philosophy of embracing my flaws, it is what makes me interesting and set apart from the rest of the beautiful people.

    Walk through the gateways, there is always a story in it.

  2. I am where I am today partly by default and partly by choice. But of the choices I’ve made, I’m happy with them. I see no need to wonder about Door #2. And no, not weird to use the Door reference. I also see using the Road reference. You know, the one less traveled by. 😉

    • Sometimes I’m sorry, as Frost said, that I could not travel both, but I’m pretty happy today, so I don’t feel like any of the gates I opened were the wrong ones

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