Summer Grilling: What’s for dinner tonight?

A fellow blogger, I cannot for the life of me remember which one, linked to a foodie chef blogger, Bev, over at Bev Cooks the other day. If you read this and it was you, feel free to give me a virtual slap upside my head! Anyway, when you visit Bev’s site, you are in for a TREAT. Frankly, everything she has posted on her site looks and sounds delicious, but she had made this lobster tail dish that makes my mouth water every time I see it! Check it out:

Seared Lobster Tails with a Garden Vegetable Sauté | Bev Cooks.

I also just saw this, which I love, and that dish has bacon in it, so yeah…

In all seriousness, that colorful base of veggies would be great under just about anything I can think of, or even on its own! It screamed SUMMER GRILLING at me, even though it’s not really a grilled dish. It made me want to cook something and it’ll definitely take another trip to the Kirkwood Farmers Market, which really is a treat all in itself:

I probably wont be buying any lobster tails any time soon, but hey, you never know. Some things I’d be more likely to grill this summer and would devour with those veggies:

  • tuna steaks
  • ribeyes (my favorite!)
  • lamb chops
  • B.A.S. (Big Ass Shrimp)

Eggplant and mushrooms are also awesome on the grill. Back in another life, I used to make Portobello burgers using the really big caps, grilling them brushed with olive oil, and adding roasted red peppers and a thick slice of gorgonzola cheese. Oh man, were they good. Use a bun that’s got a little substance to it, not a super soft one like you might for a beef burger, but not one so stiff the interior slides right out when you try a bite. Maybe add some arugula. Grill these up tonight and you can thank me later.

5 thoughts on “Summer Grilling: What’s for dinner tonight?

    • I have been craving a BLT for a week now! It’s definitely time for a trip to the local Farmer’s Market. Sometime I just go there and look, but rarely leave without at least a couple tomatoes 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words! I am most definitely a visual foodie. I want to see glossy color pictures in the cookbooks I read. Not that I wont read one without pictures, but recipes sound so much more delicious to me when I can see the finished product

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