Musical Musings

I’m a huge fan of music, almost any kind.

I listen to it in my car, where I have The Shins four discs lined up in chronological order and listen to them over and over again. I don’t care for the radio because the DJs in my town are terrible, almost entirely. If there’s a good one he or she isn’t on a station I’d care to tune in. That’s part of the problem too- I like variety, and I like a lot of music that just isn’t played on the radio. I also like to listen to classic music while I’m driving. That has to be on CD as well because in Their infinite wisdom, the Powers That Be decided maybe a year ago to ditch the city’s only classical radio station.

I listen to my iTunes library on shuffle while I’m at the gym. It plays a lot of what I would call techno, “house,” and electronica because I like the heavy beats while I’m working out, especially while on the elliptical trainer. There’s some pretty heavy metal in there, something I’ve been able to accquire a taste for in particular moods or again, while working out. Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, it’s probably all in there. Might even be some holdovers from my daughter’s influence: Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, etc. though I can’t honestly say I dislike all of that type of music. And it’s not to say in the least that I don’t like female musicians. I love them, just not all of them or all of any certain musical genre. My iTunes library is about as diverse as they come, I’d like to think anyway.

I listen to music when at home now, more than I used to. I’ve not been able to get into streaming services like Spotify yet. I like the idea of being able to listen to what my friends are listening to, and to be able to share my own selections, but I haven’t “taken the plunge.” I usually listen to my iTunes library but I’ve also started surfing YouTube and finding a lot of really good music I might’ve otherwise missed. A lot of what I’m watching and listening to is stuff I already know, maybe live versions of Shins tunes, or even trying out random viewers’ attempts to cover those songs.

Over the weekend I found myself listening to some bluegrass- a genre I like a lot but haven’t spent much time with lately. I’ve always enjoyed listening to a really good guitar or banjo player cranking out sweet riffs and, coming from a vocal background of sorts, listening to the harmonies often found in bluegrass is definitely a pleasure. Last night I listened to some Steve Martin picking, and some Alison Krauss with Union Station live versions. Good stuff there.

I also found myself compelled this past weekend to finally, after literally at least a year, probably longer, restring my acoustic guitar and start playing again. I’ve never been very good because I’ve never put much time into playing. I can strum some basic chords, and given enough practice, even pick out a song here and there, but my fingerwork is woefully weak. I plan to play a little every night until my fingers are more flexible and get used to the strings again. Hello, callouses on my fingertips again!



2 thoughts on “Musical Musings

  1. Should you ever decide to join the world of streaming services and launch Spotify, check out the “Pickin On” series. Everything from Def Leppard to Mozart wonderfully changed to Bluegrass. Interesting take on many of your favorites I’m sure.

    • I finally put it on my PC at home and have been listening to it most evenings. I did check out some of the Pickin’ On series, good stuff, thanks for the recommendation!

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