Please go to sleep!

Anyone remember when you were little and you played all day outside, ran around like a fool, got all dirty, climbed trees, threw sticks, chased your friends, maybe went to the pool for a few hours, and then, once you were home and ate dinner and *maybe* took a bath or shower, you were so tired you could barely keep your eyes open?

Anyone remember stories your parents have told you about how funny you were as a child because you’d play and play and exhaust yourself to the point of falling asleep in the middle of your Legos on the floor?

And who can forget the times riding in the car, on the way home from the park or the pool, or especially a longer trip to Grandma’s or something, and falling asleep in the back seat?

If you have kids, you have longed for those moments. I know I have. My daughter will be 9 this summer, and while falling asleep in the car has happened, it’s been a while, and now we’re at the point where pretty much no matter what’s happened throughout the day, or what time of night it might be when I finally cave in and force the “go to bed” issue, she cannot/will not fall asleep.

She whines about it, sometimes I get frustrated by it, but I also feel bad for her. We get up pretty early on weekdays, even in Summer, and I know she’s tired. I’ve heard about a natural supplement called Melatonin being used to help regulate sleep, but we’ve not tried it yet- I’m still a bit of a procrastinator (see previous posts, and I’ll say more about that later, I’m sure.) What do you recommend?

5 thoughts on “Please go to sleep!

  1. Our kid has trouble sleeping, too. We download the “Meditation Oasis” podcasts from iTunes. There is one called “Deep Rest” which puts her to sleep. They’ve also done one specifically for children but I forget what it’s called.

    • What a great idea, Bethany, thanks! Will definitely look into that as well. It’s been better as summer has gone on, she’s more tired out at night, but I still think she’s up well past too-late-o’clock and not getting enough sleep.

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