Tues. Jan 10th, 2012

16oz energy drink for breakfast (can you be addicted to those things?) They have vitamins & stuff, so I”ll just consider it my multi-vitamin. I usually drink the no sugar/no carb versions, so at least I’m not putting empty calories in me.

Pretty much just water today- I think I may actually have this hunger thing under control, or at least better under control.

This new year started with me making some pretty strong resolutions, some of which I’ve already had problems with, hehe. But despite lingering financial worries, being a bit overweight, and having ZERO prospects in the relationship dept. I’m feeling quite optimistic about 2012. Despite *that* I’m feeling a lot of anger right now, mostly at myself, but some toward the kind of people who constantly try to keep you linked to their life, yet at the same time unwilling to allow you inside on a personal level. I’m tired of that, tired of chasing relationships where I’m the only one interested. I think this anger is fueling me a bit more than traditional calories and we’ll see who that goes.


Mon. Jan 9th, 2012

I guess I’m trying to keep this up, we’ll see how it goes.

No exercise this past weekend, it’s back to the gym tonight.

16oz energy drink for breakfast today while my daughter at least had waffles and strawberries and juice. I can keep her mostly healthy eating even if I don’t do it myself >.<

Going for mostly water today- no coffee- so we’ll see how that goes. If I’m dying and falling asleep by 2pm it’ll be bad. Have an apple for lunch and plan to walk 2mi. We’ll see if that happens; it’s cold today but sunny so we shouldn’t have any problem there.

Fri. Jan 6th, 2012

Had to bring treats to work for my birthday, got Dunkin Donuts Munchkins. I do not plan to have any. Had a 12oz latte w/skim milk & a bacon, egg, & cheese wrap (in a soft flour tortilla)

@ work having 24oz coffee & will drink some water

*might* be going out to lunch for a change, planning to leave for the day @ Noon but that could chage

My “good” eating is falling apart already and I’ve not been able to work out since Tuesday, haven’t made myself do Wii Fit yet. Hopefully soon. I doubt very seriously I’ve lost any weight and have probably gained some this week. Fail.

Thurs. Jan 5th, 2012

Found out yesterday I actually have time off I need to burn so I don’t lose it before the end of this month! Usually I’m out of time by Xmas, crazy. As a friend so aptly put it, “Guess you didn’t have enough court dates last year?” Yeah, guess the truth hurts sometimes 😛

Anyway, today:

24oz coffee
16oz energy drink
bowl of instant oatmeal

lunch will be (after walking my 2mi!)

2pc ham
3 clementines
16oz energy drink

and of course water. I will drink lots today. Maggie wants tacos (soft) for dinner tonight so it might be Turkey Taco time again. Haven’t had that in a long while. We’ll see.

Wed Jan 4th, 2012


After the gym last night and a protein shake for dinner, I was starving this morning, and I did what I told myself I had to stop doing to meet my goal- I had breakfast @ McDonald’s >.<  Why can’t I just NOT do that kind of crap?

So today already looks like this:

Egg McMuffin
Hash Browns
36oz coffee

I will add the rest of the day as it goes, not planning on eating more than a few clementines for lunch after walking, but we’ll see. Wednesdays are pizza nights with my daughter, so I definitely don’t want to eat a bunch of crap today like I did yesterday.

Sometimes I feel like, Why even bother? I’m going to just remain overweight and who cares? It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone. I’m not with anyone. Meh. I have got to stop with the fast food, and keep going to the gym. I don’t go on nights I have Maggie so I am going to have to start Wii Fit again. I have to do something more if I actually want to lose weight.

Tues. Jan 3. 2012

Today I’ve had:

24oz coffee, black
12oz water
3 pieces of fudge
2 sugar cookies
4 pieces of salted caramel
3 clementines
16oz energy drink

Walked 2mi during the lunch hour and now it’s 1pm. I will drink at *least* another 36oz of water before I leave here today.

Gym tonight, protein smoothie for dinner, is the plan.

Hopefully tomorrow’s entry will look very similar, minus all the junk >.<

25lbs by end of March is my 1st goal this year. We shall see how it goes.