Thursday pt 2

This damn thing apparently ate the comment I posted to today earlier, and it wont let me read it, so here’s a new one. I’m just bored and fed up with today so figured I’d waste a little time. Only about 48oz of water today, still time for another one, but meh, kinda just done with it for now. Actually enjoying a Reese’s PB Cup and boy is it good, sugar be damned.

SO sick of listening to people make personal phones calls today. Just tired of hearing about stuff I don’t need to hear about. Cubes are open air so it’s kind of impossible not to hear. Some days I can tune stuff out better than today. Some peoples’ voices just drive me up a fuckin’ wall on days like today.

Tired of pain in the ass customers today too. Tomorrow will be better cause I leave @ Noon!

Already feeling like we’ll eat out tonight cause I’m too lazy to try and cook anything- would have to go to the store first anyway >.< OI VEY

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