Thurs. Jan 19th, 2012

I am already bored with this. I feel like I have only negative things to say and that’s making it harder to care about posting. Meh.

I read that eggs & cheese go well together- something (I forget what) in the eggs makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the calcium in the cheese. So go me, I made myself an egg, cheese & bacon english muffin sandwisch for breakfast. Roughly 48oz of coffee. I’ll hit the water all day again and I’ll be having 16oz energy drink for lunch. Woo.

1 thought on “Thurs. Jan 19th, 2012

  1. I posted this on Kurn's Corner, figured I'd put it here so I can more easily remember what I said. My Modern American Diet high in refined sugar and simple carbs is apparently making me dumb and forgetful! Anyway:I’ve reached the point in the game (WoW) where I truly enjoy raiding above all else: the challenge that comes with it, the higher gear score from loot, and usually the teamwork that comes with 10man raiding, the joking in Vent while still working hard on our runs. Nothing else in the game really holds my interest at all. Not my guild, not levelling alts, not being social (I’m not) or questing or the drudgery of weekly VP maxing. I have maybe 4-5 Real ID friends and chat briefly with them from time to time but don't really have any friends anymore that I regularly play with on a day to day basis.The problem is that I don’t put the kind of time into the game that other serious raiders do. I’m just not scheduling my life around WoW the way I see some people doing it. Yes, I’m serious about raiding- it’s what I enjoy about the game- but I’m not going to sit in Org for hours a night looking for PuGs. I’m not going to suffer the jerks and rudeness that usually comes from the “elite” raiders on my server. The game just isn’t that fun for me to want to do those things. Kudos to those who choose to do them, it’s just not for me.I too signed up for the Annual Pass, mostly for the Beta & Diablo III, and the mount, lol. If the Beta isn’t awesome I doubt I’ll be logged in much. I'll auto-pay my monthly fee and forget about it. The coming nerf to the current content only makes me less interested in the game than I was before. Now, if I manage to get my Destroyer’s title before the nerf, great. But if not, I’ll have to listen to all the “elite” raiders complain and insult the rest of us about how they got their titles before it was “faceroll easy” and how I’m obviously not as good a player because I didn’t make that a priority. I’d like to have the title, I’d like to actually down the content before the nerf, but it’s not my life, and so I’m just not going to get bent out of shape trying to do it. I’ll plpay SWTOR, log in WoW each week for the one planned raid night we have these days, try and keep up with VPs and upgrading my gear to stay viable for those raids, and be happy. If the Beta is incredible, great, I’ll play more. If not, there’s other games.

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