Wed. Jan 18th, 2012

So we enter Day 2 of officially not giving a crap, about much of anything anymore >.<

16oz energy drink
24oz coffee

I’ll drink plenty of water and don’t plan to eat any lunch, but you never know.

So many things I feel I want to say to her that I’ve said in my head, over & over. I think if I let them be recorded there’s too great a chance I’ll send them to her and that would be pointless. They will remain in my head.

Another week of LFR in the books without any gear, woot! But I did finally get enough VP to purchase my helm, so there’s that. Might raid DS Friday night, but it starts @ 8pm which is too early for me when I have my daughter. I’m not worried about it. My desire to play at all has waned significantly, for a multitude of reasons. Even playing SWTOR is getting a little boring when it’s always alone, but I should be used to that by now, huh?

1 thought on “Wed. Jan 18th, 2012

  1. I'm on my 5th or 6th thing of water, I lost track. That's at least 120oz today, which would explain why I've been to the bathroom a hundred times. That's an exaggeration.My new plan is to drink water every time I feel hungry. I know, maybe not foolproof. Time will tell.

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