Tues. Jan 10th, 2012

16oz energy drink for breakfast (can you be addicted to those things?) They have vitamins & stuff, so I”ll just consider it my multi-vitamin. I usually drink the no sugar/no carb versions, so at least I’m not putting empty calories in me.

Pretty much just water today- I think I may actually have this hunger thing under control, or at least better under control.

This new year started with me making some pretty strong resolutions, some of which I’ve already had problems with, hehe. But despite lingering financial worries, being a bit overweight, and having ZERO prospects in the relationship dept. I’m feeling quite optimistic about 2012. Despite *that* I’m feeling a lot of anger right now, mostly at myself, but some toward the kind of people who constantly try to keep you linked to their life, yet at the same time unwilling to allow you inside on a personal level. I’m tired of that, tired of chasing relationships where I’m the only one interested. I think this anger is fueling me a bit more than traditional calories and we’ll see who that goes.


1 thought on “Tues. Jan 10th, 2012

  1. Got my 72oz of water in today, and I've not had anything to eat. I had a moment where i felt slightly desperate for food, hehe, but I survived it without resorting to candy bars or chips from the vending machine in the break room- a victory in itself. I may eat a hamburger tonight, I'm kind of craving, we'll see. I need to start eating the bulk of my calories in the morning instead of for dinner.

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