Survival Reprive and the Joys of Leathercrafting

Okay, so Blizzard has apparently pulled back a little on the Survival nerfs (25% damage reductions dialed back to 15%) which is heartening to say the least. It even looks like they (for now) removed the total decimation of my AoE ability! I may not have to cahnge things up so dramatically BUT of course, this is still only on the PTR. Waiting until 4.0.6 goes live will still be my plan of action.

Spent a couple hours last night just doing dailies for gold and famring Savage Leather. I’m only 5 points now from maxing Leatherworking (Yay!) and then I can finally use those 3 stupid patterns I bought that had the wrong skill listed on the tooltip. I have been trying to sell the blues I’ve crafted but they’re not moving yet. Would be a BIG boost to my wallet if they do sell. I think I’ve figured out I need 40-50 Heavy Savage Leather still to max out my skill, and that translates into 200-250 Savage Leather, so 10-12 more stacks and I’m golden.

Let’s hope Horde can keep control of Tol Barard as that’s been by far the best farming spot AND as I learned last night, raid groups may pay good gold for croc tails or the food you make from them. I actually sold some Grilled Dragon for nearly 200g last night! Hope that market is still viable as I get a crapton of Dragon Filet from farming in Twilight Highlands. FINALLY found the sweet Volatile Fire farming spot there too, though it’s heavily camped. Not so badly though that I can’t pretty much get whatver I need for crafting in a hurry. TO HELL with paying the insanely steep prices on the AH for that stuff ever again.

I’ve agreed to make a guildie his Dragonkiller Tunic when I hit 525, which would use up the only 3 Chaos Orbs I have 😦 BUT if he holds to his word of making me my BiS bow, it will be worth it. Whether I make the Tunic for him or for me, I’m still left with the unappealing prospect of running more heroics to get more Orbs 😦 Has to be done to continue crafting the epic gear.

On a slightly different, fantastical note, have you seen this stupid new astrology bullshit? I don’t give a lot of weight to that stuff in general, but I do sort of take pride in being a Capricorn. Now I’m supposedly a Saggitarius all of a sudden? No. I’m not buying it and I’m not accepting it.

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