Times are a Changin’

Changes are afoot at my company. We’re going to be moving in a couple months, a little further northwest from our current location. Yay for a slightly longer drive to work and for a convoluted drive home in rush hour traffic. I’m sure now I’ll be running late on the mornings I have to drop my daughter off at school. Oh well, I wasn’t consulted when they were scouting the possibilities.

We’re going to have a new website soon too, one that’s more user friendly and one that might (hopefully) tie in with our computer systems, which are also getting an overhaul soon. We’ll be trying out a new database system and wont that be fun!

I’ve managed to get my Leatherworking skill up to 519- no easy feat when I need (10) Volatile Fire for each craft. I’m just hoping I can sell a couple of the items for 1k or so. So far there’ve been no takers.

I’m looking forward to raiding though I’m not sure what the future holds for my current spec. I’m not chaging anything until 4.0.6 goes live.

I’m not really having anything else to say so that’s all for today.

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