Uh Oh, Here it Comes

Just reading up on the latest patch notes from the PTR and it looks like Survival Hunters (Oz) will be getting bent over and fully reamed, big end first, with the Nerf Bat. The overall reduction to SV DPS is currently about 25% in theory, though possibly less in practice. I don’t crunch those numbers or theorycraft, I get info from the expert hunter Bloggers like Frostheim. They’re also nerfing SV’s AoE usefulness, making the spec wholly unattractive for raiding imo. Of course, these changes are only in testing and until they go live I’m not planning to change anything.

If they DO go live as currently stated, I’ll likely be switching to BM as my main raid spec, mostly for the exotic pets. BM & MM DPS have been buffed slightly so they shouldn’t be noticeably lower than SV. Hell, I might even switch to MM, though the rotation is SUPER clunky and from what I hear not very fun to maintain. So Blizzard is basically ruining my favorite class, but I’m not going to ragequit just yet.

I do NOT like raiding (or even running 5mans) as BM, the DPS just feels slow and low. I think we’ll have a Shaman in most of our raids so I wont need the BL from the Corehound, but I’ll just have to reevaluate the buffs we DO have and see what else I can bring. The Devilsaur buff might be worthwhile, or even the Shale Spider stuff, or the Spirit Beast heals, though I’ll have to look deeper into it. I haven’t done *aything* with BM lately.

If anything, this prolly means I’ll spend some time soon getting my Protadin up to 85 and then start (again) the long painful task of raid gearing him, which sounds even more like work than what I currently do, which makes it even more likely that I’ll burn out on WoW at just the wrong time, when the guild is finally starting to raid on a regular basis.

Raiding will be much different because we’ve just had our main tank leave the guild. He *claimed* to be burnt out on WoW but in the same breath decide to join another guild and will be undoubtably running raids with them instead. What a joke. At least be man enough to be honest about why you’re leaving, ya know? Maybe there will be less drama now- I can only hope. With the pending changes to Hunters, other ranged DPS will be much more desireable, so maybe being a tank again is jsut what the guild needs.

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