Another Year Older

Wish I was wiser, too! And thus (as of approx. 6am this morning) I have now been alive for 38 years. Meh, I feel no different. I’ve gained back probably 10lbs that I lost this past year, thanks mostly to the holiday feeding frenzy, and I’ve lost much of the willpower I had in going to the gym regularly BUT, I vow to start again and lose it again and keep it off this year!

I’m the youngest member of the sales team here at work, though there are some younger than I in the company. I’m younger than many of my friends from high school, though oldest among the friends I’m closer to now. I’m older than most of the people I play WoW with, though younger than the new good friend I made there, Bullshark (David.) What does age matter, you ask? Well, I have thoughts about that.

Age is NOT a measurement of maturity, not even close. Age CAN be a good way to place a person’s social generational entertainment genre. That makes no sense to me, but you know what I mean- a person of a certain age more likely than not will recall a certain group of TV shows, songs/groups/albums, movies, and historical events with more clarity than others might. Non sequiter- I HATE those new commercials for Television, “It’s not where were you when, it’s where were you watching?” and “More for the rest of us.” Gah, what a crock of shit and who let them put that crap in an advertisement? It makes me want to watch even less TV than I already do.

Speaking of Mormons, what in HELL is up with the “I’m a Mormon” radio ads these days?? I have nothing against Mormons, I just don’t understand the commercials. When are we going to have “I’m a Methodist” commercials? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Anyway, Age is overrated, I think, and I believe unfairly labels or pigeonholes us. I’m 38, I SHOULD have blah blah blah or I SHOULD be etc etc etc. It makes me feel like when they were handing out the instruction manuals, my 3-ring binder was one of those used, doesn’t close all the way kinds, all beat up and second hand, and many of the pages slipped out without me noticing. I didn’t get to read them and now I find myself in a place I wasn’t supposed to be. You know, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to provide a healthy lifestyle for my daughter as a single, divorced dad, dying inside because I feel like I should be a homeowner and want to buy a ring for the woman I love and ask her to marry me but I can’t afford it…

That got a little away from me, sorry. In closing, let me just say that I’m not excited about my birthday, I wont be doing any major celebrating, and while I pretend I don’t care, I’ll be secretly counting the number of times I talk to certain people today before they finally wish me happy birthday, and making a mental note if they should forget altogether. Ha. Am I shallow or what?

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